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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring provides the look of solid wood together with practical and cost benefits that have seen it become one of the most popular flooring types today.

This type of flooring uses real wood but, instead of being left in its solid-state, the wood is formed into different layers, which are then cut into the planks that make up the floor.


The multi-layered structure of an engineered wood & floor makes a floor more stable than a solid wood floor system, even when temperature and ambient humidity varies throughout the seasons. The crossed layers counteract the natural movements of the timber flooring. Changing the direction of the fibres, throughout various layers, provides a more durable surface that is more tolerant to changes in humidity in the indoor climate. This also enables many quality engineered wooden floors to be installed over under floor heating systems.

Engineered wood flooring is also more environmentally-friendly than some solid wood flooring, as fast-growing wood species like pine are used for the intermediate layer, with a solid hardwood top layer typically Oak, Maple, Cherry, reducing the amount of valuable hardwood that would be needed for a solid wood floor.

High-quality engineered wood floors can be sanded three to four times over the lifetime of the floor, just like a solid wood floor. We stock quality branded engineered wooden floors and accessories from Toscana, Bruce, Kronos, and many others. Visit our show room and discover great deals on a variety of engineered wood.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood floors are the first word in luxurious, premium flooring. Built to last, solid wood floors are exactly what they say, planks of 100% pure wood. You can sand down and re-stain solid wood floors multiple times over the years, and because they’re so hard wearing they’re suitable for even the busiest of rooms.

The Solid Wood Floor products will typically have a traditional tongue and groove-type joint, as opposed to a click-type system as found on Engineered or laminated Wood Floors. Prefinished Solid Wood Floors tend to have a beveled edge as standard and an Unfinished Oak or other Solid Wood Floor would typically have a square cut edge and will require finishing on site following installation. We would recommend that our solid wood floors are professionally installed as the installation processes can be more involved. As with other wooden floors, solid wood floors are warm underfoot, but they are not normally suitable for use over under-floor heating. We only supply wood flooring products that are of high quality manufacture.